The Dent in the universe

The exciting first book of the Epic WalrusTech series.

Turns out Move fast and break things  is bad policy when developing a time machine

To resuscitate his fading celebrity, tech CEO Stephen Lucas would sell his soul for one more hit. When the subspace network for his holographic gaming empire crashes, his hardware guru makes a discovery proving that, though the mechanics may differ a bit, Einstein was right once again— information can be sent backward in time.

Lucas sees a dream product for procrastinators. Want a pizza now? Send your order back in time 30 minutes. Forgot to make reservations at that chichi french restaurant two weeks ago? No worries. Buy that PowerBall ticket. Invest in that stock. Make a FaceTime call to a loved one that passed away a month ago. Finally time really is on your side.

It’s the time machine for the rest of us.

In a culture built on instant gratification, Lucas knows he has a hit that will make Wall Street sit up and beg. But when he rushes into beta testing, he learns that the stuff dreams are made of can quickly become the stuff of nightmares.

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book 2 of the

WalrusTech Series

Doomsday is coming in six years. How many souls can you save?

Decorated war hero, larger-than-life fire chief John Banks died last week in a wildfire. It was in all the papers. Now he’s got a new job, lead the effort to prepare the world for the apocalypse which will arrive in six years. How does he know? His employer is a man with a time machine.

They can’t change what’s to come. To even try will bring unexpected and potentially catastrophic results, but they can quietly make the world ready for the Hell that is to come.

And if that mission succeeds, Banks will have to lead humanity back from the darkness, if he’s strong enough.